Monday, January 15, 2018

Portrait of Katherine

"Portrait of Katherine"  20" x 24"
Oils, ©Valorie Snyder
I enjoyed painting this little redheaded two year old.  Because the window of opportunity for photographing children this age is so short, a strategy is necessary.  Timing must be planned for when they aren't hungry or ready for a nap.  At first they don't know you and probably don't like you.  Later they warm up and may cooperate for a few minutes.  All too soon, they get tired and cranky.

I spent a half hour sitting on the floor with Katherine, pretending to ignore her while reading the children's books I had brought.  Eventually, she became interested in the book and gave me this beautiful pose.

In addition to her expression, I enjoyed creating the light effects and the lavish folds of her dress.  Her red hair is usually untamed, Katherine's unique trademark.  The afghan was a family keepsake of the client.  Katherine's book, her favorite and a special request for the portrait, was "Curious George," © H. A. Rey and Margret Rey.


Jose Williams said...

Simply beautiful. Wonderful art

Valorie said...

Thank you, Jose! I loved painting her.

100 Faces - Introduction

After painting many portraits, I've found I can achieve the likeness, attitude and personality of my subjects, given enough time. Now I want to be able to create them faster!
My art goal for 2012 is to paint one hundred faces - small, quick practice studies, either from photos or from life, in whatever amount of time I have. If I only have an hour on a particular day, the idea is to complete the portrait in an hour. No time for fussing over details. I want to use larger brushes and more paint. Rough studies can have their own charm. Since it's just practice, I may throw them away, paint over them, or go back later to finish them further.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge and see the brushwork.